5 Top Reasons

One of the most renowned education systems in the world

France has a unique positioning within the international educational landscape. The quality of French higher education is widely recognized throughout the world and France now offers a wide range of English speaking coursework as a reply to the increasing number of international student.

France makes massive investments in education and research sharing a unique vision: an egalitarian system and universal right to higher education for all students. The magnitude of the nation’s commitment to sound education is the guarantee of the value and integrity of the degree students will earn.

France offers high academic standards and a specific focus on English-speaking programs dedicated to international students at attractive tuition rates compared to other countries. France is keen on providing top of the line education in all subjects and to all students. This is a true statement no matter what university you plan to attend.



The art of living "à la française"

Studying in France also means joining a society rightly renowned for its practice of the “art of living.”

Treat yourself in the weekends with the many pleasures France offers: museums and galleries, shopping and nightlife, food and wine, festivals and music and so much more.

According to the QS Best Student Cities (2014) Paris is the number 1 student city in the world.

Since 2010 UNESCO has classed France’s cuisine and extraordinary culinary richness among the world’s leading examples of intangible heritage.

Exceptional cultural dynamism and a multicultural experience

There’s no place like France when it comes to culture — particularly as it relates to art, museum and wine. Ultimately, France offers a dynamic and

iconic culture that stands alone.

Beating out London, Singapore, Sydney, Zurich, Boston and many others, Paris was declared the best student city for a reason: from academic resources to bustling nightlife, it is an educational and cultural hub for students from across the globe.

France is the fourth most popular study destination in the world, with 12 % of foreign students, there is a unique cultural dynamic on French campuses.

At the crossroads of Europe

Bordered by nine different countries, France is the ideal place from which to discover Europe.

The proximity of Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Munich, Milan, and other great cities means many opportunities to explore Europe.

Career Booster

Students with French degrees have a leading edge on the job hunt, thanks to a thriving network of partnerships between top companies and institutions of higher education. Furthermore, the French government recently declared employability as a French mandate.

Incorporate different approaches to your study and gain perspectives of multiple academic institutions, study environments and teaching styles. Additionally you can double your network with multicultural experiences.

  • 9 students out of 10 recommend France as a study destination
  • 94 % of students describe their experience in France as a personal enrichment
  • 86% of students consider their experience has enhanced their university curriculum
  • 70 % of students consider their experience has been a career booster