Certified Level II by the French government


Become an expert in hardware-software interactions, and understand how they perform in real-world settings.

The school offers specific programs based on practice and training with 60% of technical courses linked to general and economic basics:

  • Computer architectures and embedded systems
  • Software security and embedded software
  • Networks and distributed computing
  • Communications and wireless systems
  • Signal processing and computational intelligence

As a student of Epsi, you will use MY DIL lab to develop software systems starting June 2018. 


3 Years

Full Time

March 2019

September 2019

8500 Euros

Approximate tuition fees per year


The EPSI undergraduate IT Program is a 3 year’s program which allows students to acquire general knowledge in skills across all IT skill sets (software development, database engineering, network security, project management, etc.). 

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program focuses on the concepts and techniques used in the design and development of advanced software systems.

You’ll graduate with outstanding programming skills and the ability to design, implement, and maintain complex systems.

Please note a personal computer is requested to follow this program.

  • CU Learning by doing

    Worshop 1 – Gaming Creation 10 2
     HEP OnBoarding Workshop 8 2
    Worshop 2 – Creativity & Innovation  10 2
    Cross functional project: Development of  an object oriented application using NAO 20 6

  • CU Learning programming

    Algorithms and C language 20 2
    Object oriented concepts  / C++ Language 20 2
    C++ Language (Fundamentals) 20 2
    Cross functional project: development of a Web application 20 4

  • CU Development of a web application

    CU Development of a Web application    
    HTLM5 / CSS3 20 2
    PHP and MySQL 20 2
    Cross functional project:  Implementation of a network system under linux OR Windows environment (to be chosen) 20 4

  • CU Networking systems and networks

    Ethernet Network 20 2
    Network administration notions (IPV4 -IPV6 – firewalling) 20 2
    Cross functional project: Implementation of a data basis under SQL Server 20 4

  • CU Data Basis

    DB Exploitation: SQL Language under SQL Server  20 2
    DB Implementation: SQL Language under SQL Server  20 2
    DB Modeling: Merise and UML 20 2
    Cross functional project: Implementation of a serious Intercultural Game 42 4

  • CU Cross Cultures and shared views

    Intercultural relations (Introduction) 20 2
    Communication and Intercultural approach 20 2

  • CU Communication in French

    French as a foreign language (FLE) 40 2
    Business communication in French  20 2

  • Professional development workshops & active learning

    Professional development: Skill portfolio   2
    Active member / Participation in campus life   2
    Total Hours / Credits 450 60



Graduates are in a strong position to gain employment as computing professionals in a number of fields which may include:

  • software development
  • system architecture
  • business and system analysis
  • database development and administration
  • network and system administration
  • testing and quality assurance
  • project management
  • research

Graduates typically work for commercial organisations, software development companies, government departments, large computer organisations, and in research.