IDRAC Bachelor has been awarded the "Visa Accreditation" which is the highest level of academic recognition in France


The mission of IDRAC Business School is to educate future executives to an outstanding level. Founded in 1965, the school offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Management, Marketing, Business, Finance, and International Management.

IDRAC Business School’s philosophy of extraordinary education is first and foremost about enabling students to navigate the professional world so that they can learn about themsleves, pinpoint their strenghts and unlock their potential for leading extraordinary careers.

Thanks to IDRAC Business School’s close ties with local economic players, students and alumni benefit from a powerful and inspiring network of companies. IDRAC’s strength lies in its combination of lecture and hands-on
Learning. Business games, internships and group works provide students with the knowledge, expertise and life skills needed to develop professional skills. Each semester our students work on academic projects in the 2500 companies in our network.

Join IDRAC Business School and develop new ways of thinking as well as an innovative vision to shape your career.


1 Year

Full Time



8 500 Euros

Approximate tuition fees per year


The IDRAC Bachelor is a 1 year education program in Marketing and Business Development, students arrive in the third year of the Bachelor directly. This Bachelor can be taught 100% in English and also offers the students the possibility to study in Spain and in Ireland for a year.

Upon completion of the IDRAC Bachelor, students obtain a French Ministry of Higher Education degree, which opens doors to many career and graduate studies opportunities. The school is ranked #9 among the top post-baccalaureate Business Schools in France, for this Bachelor Program.

IDRAC’s Bachelor provides students with a unique combination of theoretical and practical skills. Students learn to design, develop, implement, and manage Marketing and Business Development.

  • Students have at least a 6-months internship period to accomplish, throughout their studies.
  • All students have access to the school’s Corporate Relations Office and its resources.
  • Transfer students may be accepted in the Bachelor’s final year (year 3).





    • Principles of Marketing
    • Marketing Mix
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Statistics
    • International Marketing
    • International Trade
    • B to B Marketing
    • Negotiation
    • Business Model
    • Web Marketing
    • Reporting Tools


    • Project Management
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Event Management
    • Personal branding
    • Cross cultural management
    • Team building
    • Computing skills
    • Social networks and Internet tools


    • Principles of Economics
    • History of civilizations
    • Macro economy of the 21st century
    • Knowledge Management
    • Lobbying
    • Principles of Law
    • Business Law
    • Principles of Applied


    • Financial analysis
    • General accounting
    • Tax system
    • Banking & International finance
    • Budgets
    • International Financial Regulations


    • Business English
    • Foreign Languages
    • Introduction to Geopolitics
    • State of the world: OECD, BRICS and LDCs, European economies, geopolitics of natural resources


  • Thibault, Founder of Aidodys, class of 2012

  • Dorothée, Digital Media Officer at Seb, class of 2012
  • Grégory, Major Account Sales Representative at L’Oréal, class of 2011
  • Mathilde, Buyer at Fiducial, class of 2011
  • Vladimir, Search Engine Optimization at Cybercité, class of 2008
  • Sebastien, Project Manager at, class of 2007
  • Nathalie, Trade Marketing at Clarins Fragrance