The American Business School of Paris is an international business school in France that welcomes students from all around the world. Our goal is to make our students enter today’s global economy through international programs: BBA, MBA, DBA, etc.

Part of IGS Group, the international American Business School’s programs are accredited by the IACBE. They are 100% in English and founded on American educational methods: course flexibility & adaptability, interaction & exchange as well as strong student-professor relationships. 

In our cross-cultural environment, our students distinguish themselves through their international experiences: semesters abroad & international internships. 

The American Business School of Paris offers a curriculum based on the American education system.

The program admits:

  • French high school graduates and students who want to follow an international curriculum,
  • International students who want to follow an American curriculum in Paris.


“In partnership with US universities, the American Business School of Paris has adopted the American educational system, recognized and used worldwide. The business school combines interactive project-based teaching with an extra-curricular program that allows you to develop your personality, autonomy and sense of initiative.

To help you make the transition into the workplace, the American Business School of Paris also adopts French best training practices:


– Internships

– Seminars

– Individual coaching

– Company visits and corporate presentations


The American Business School of Paris welcomes students from all over the world and, with 60 % international students coming from 80 different countries, offers a truly multicultural environment. It’s a real advantage for students preparing a career in the global luxury market.”

Fady Fadel,

Director of The American Business School of Paris


“This program offers the students the chance to acquire a significant amount of knowledge in a variety of fields on an international level, thereby preparing you for the everyday challenges that you will be facing once fully emerged into the harsh business world.


From crafting an international company’s future strategies to assure sustainable growth, to the study of some economies’ history and culture to better understand their corporate environment, or learning about the process of building a thorough business plan to ensure a smooth launch of a new venture, the professors and staff of The American Business School of Paris accompany you every step of the way to make sure you leave with the right degrees and walk into the labor market with confidence, knowledge and understanding of International Business.”

Edouard BELIN

A wise professor of mine from The American Business School of Paris once told us that, “Intercultural Management is about breaking cultural barriers”. The American Business School of Paris does exactly that. My experience during the MBA program was both intellectually challenging as well as culturally diverse.


Having a class that was diverse in culture and ethnicity played an incredible role on creating an insightful class discussion among my peers and professors. We had very intelligent and well-versed professors who were not only knowledgeable on the topic at hand but also the world of business in general.


The program had a great balance between theory lectures as well as practical training and or trip to Silicon Valley was a great experience all together that definitely added to the value of the MBA program. Being able to hear from successful entrepreneurs their own experience and providing us with real world advice was a great way to learn outside of the classroom.


Over all the MBA program from The American Business School of Paris was excellent and was definitely the best year in my life as a student.

Francecsca MANDIGMA


A Corporate Relation Department dedicated for the employability of studentsA continuous monitoring

The Corporate Relation Department of the American Business School of Paris continuously monitors our students in order to develop their employability. It guides students to build their employability tools (CV, statement of purpose…), and to find their internships and their first employment positions.

Personalized Career Plan Mentoring

Every degree program provides students with continual and integrated career plan mentoring:

  • Sequences on teaching students how to identify their skills and strengths
  • Sequences on developing the best tools in order to succeed in job interviews: CV, cover letter, presentations in English and French, LinkedIn profile
  • Role-playing workshops with recruitment professionals and ABS partner companies
  • Aptitude and career motivation assessments: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Individual interview with a career coach
  • Frequent check-ins by the American Business School of Paris’s corporate relations service in order to optimize students’ job search tools and assist in the search for their internships, first job.

Network building events

Likewise, a calendar of events is proposed each semester in order to introduce students to companies and help them build their network:

  • “Corporate Talks” where professionals and, occasionally, graduates from the American Business School of Paris come to discuss their profession, business sector or a current issue in their work
  • Professionalization workshops
  • An annual business game with multicultural teams competing to solve a company issue
  • The IGS Forum: recruitment forum dedicated to IGS students looking for gap year and final year internships or their first job
  • Recruitment sessions on campus.