Having an experience of working with various institutions for the program development in India for almost 15 years, I specialize in Marketing, Recruitment and Academic Collaborations.


People regard me for my Patience, spirituality and for what I am.

Hardeep SINGH

Director of FIGS India

The agency

Overseas Education Information Centre (OEIC) is a more than 13 years old Management Consultancy, advising educational institutes to design the courses for the Indian market and establish their base in Indian sub-continent. OEIC provides complete logistics to the institutes in terms of setting up of offices in India and the neighboring countries, setting up agent network, training the agents, course designing and marketing, admissions and visa guidance.



Some of your friends from India are coming to visit Lyon for some days. What would you recommend to do if you were their guide?

I would make them discover a Bouchon Lyonnais though personally I have never been there, being a vegetarian.

Then, we would go to the ‘Parc de La Tete D’Or’ and chill out there. The entrance is free, there is a wonderful zoo and we can take a little nap if it is sunny.


Some advices for students who want to come and study in France?

I would advise them, if possible, to take some French classes before coming as that would be extremely helpful.

Be well prepared financially also, because accommodation tends to be expensive as usually you need to give a deposit for the 1st month rent, a guarantee and also pay the housing tax. From my experience, I would tell them to get all important documents translated in French or/and in English because here, it is quite time-consuming and costly.


After almost one year in France, what do you think of your experience ?

It is a challenge that I am still enjoying. I have become so much more independent since I am here. Now I work, I know how to manage my money and I have become a chef. Never thought before coming here that I would do so much cooking!

Moreover, I can take care and help other foreign students who come here now. I know how things work!

On an ending note, I would say France is an awesome place to study.


Was the cultural change difficult for you when you arrived in France?

Indeed, it was a big shock. I was used to see huge crowds of people in the streets in India, but when I got here I felt lonely in the streets!. Lot of people stay inside their houses because it is too cold to wander outside.

French people here are more distant. It was more difficult to find vegetarian food and I had to learn to cook myself.

On the other hand, I made some great friends here!


Study Connect Nepal is pleased to be associated with FIGS  as the official representative contact office in Nepal.


My team provides an ethical, honest and up to date service in all their operations and are able to provide detailed information on study in France and with FIGS. We value their expertise advice to both students and their parents in the Nepali market.

Prakash DHAKAL

Director of FIGS Nepal

The agency

We are a vibrant, dynamic education and career management company that brings universities and students together. We shape future careers by identifying and introducing the best students to high quality Institutions with globally recognized degrees and diplomas. With the right guidance and expertise, we help our students to make the correct decisions regarding their education and career goals. Study Connect Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is registered with Ministry of Industry, recognized and approved by Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal.

Having garnered the expertise and long experience of international education, Study Connect Nepal Pvt. Ltd, drew up its curtains in the year 2013 with a vision to be a global service provider to the students who desire and dream to study abroad. Since then it has been providing study abroad counseling services (Precisely, FRANCE), Test Preparations and French Language Classes to Nepalese students. Study Connect Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a leading educational consultancy in Nepal with specializations in promoting French Higher Educational Institutions.


I’m an ESAM alumni (graduated in 2012) and I’m an entrepreneur in Madagascar since 2014. I have always been passionate about business world, I have been involved in entrepreneurship after experiencing working in consultancy in Paris, coaching SMEs and start-ups to grow their businesses. Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve took the lead of the Malagasy office of France International Graduate Schools. With my team, we are trying to give personalized solutions for each Malagasy student who decided to trust us with FIGS to start or continue them higher education in our schools in France.


Director of FIGS Madagascar




Raphaëlle Claude Olive FIGS Student - Professional Master in Environment at IET School



Tell us about your arrival in France.

I had never been to France before. I arrived in Lyon in September 2016 and I was surprised because it was not as I imagined.

Life here is very demanding. For example, French people are very keen on punctuality, presence or being well-mannered and professional in all situations. People seem to live by the French motto “Vite Fait, mais Bien Fait” and I admire it.

On the other hand, people are also too absorbed in their world. Sometimes they are so focused in their personal duties that they tend be cold to others.

Finally, meeting my family was an extraordinary moment, especially seeing my 93 years old grand-mother for the first time in my life.

How was your integration in France?

It was a cultural shock. I have realized that one needs to constantly inquire about others to show interest in people. Personally, showing that you care for someone is mostly demonstrated through actions rather than just asking questions.

There is more communication in the sense that to show interest, it is necessary to continually ask questions and be more open about your own life.

At school, at the beginning it was difficult to adapt with the classmates as there were tensions in the class. We are only 10 students but several groups were created within us. It was mainly due to our far different backgrounds but in the end after co-working on several projects, a good atmosphere was established in the class.

What do you think of your program at IET and the René Cassin campus?

The program is great and I like the curriculum’s part that deals with quality certification, energy, social responsibility and accreditations. On the other hand, the common core with IDRAC Business School (Finance, Control and Management) is really not my cup of tea!

The campus is great!

Some advice for those who want to study in France?

Yes, two simple words: BE WELL-INFORMED!

It is necessary to understand the program and the school you are choosing, to be sure this is really where you want to build your career. As we know, many students get enrolled on a course then after one year they quit to change for a different study field.

Similarly, do not rely at 100 % on your school to look for your internship or your company if you wish to go ahead with an apprenticeship during your second year.

Same for cost of living: you need to look before you actually arrive in France ! It seems like common sense but lots of students simply arrive with their luggages thinking it’s going to be easy, and it’s not. You have to have an option, even a short accomodation option is way better than nothing!

A little frenchie habit that you have adopted since you are here?

I am not really fond of alcohol, but now I really appreciate a small glass of wine when eating.

And of course after any meal, the perfect marriage: Cheese with red wine! Thanks to my wonderful grandma, Niouf, who initiated me to this tradition.



I was born in East Cameroun, I have studied in East and North-West of Cameroun. Today, I’m helping camerounese students who wish to go study abroad in France.

I’m passionate with new challenges: I’m very creative and persistent. I’m here for all my students and I stay close to them until their arrival in France.


Official Representative in Cameroun