France’s cultural sites and attractions offer student discounts and advantageous subscription rates.


With 5,000 movie theaters, 33,000 stage performances each year (in national theaters and centers for dramatic arts, as well as private theaters), 1,200 museums, and countless music festivals, concerts, and events appealing to every conceivable interest, you should have no trouble enjoying yourself in France. 


All of France’s cultural sites and attractions offer student discounts and advantageous subscription rates. 

Your student ID card makes it easy to stay in shape by giving you access to athletic facilities. Active athletic clubs are found at all French universities and nearly every school. 

Campus France



Student life is nurtured by the school management teams, Regional Directorates and student associations as a way of developing cohesion and success. Mutual assistance and interaction between students are crucial, as are openness to art, sport and culture.

FIGS students are immersed in a community in which mutual assistance and interaction are encouraged. Staying true to its values, the schools organise events to foster close relationships and provide opportunities to experience the arts and culture. It also supports student associations and their projects.

On every campus, student life is structured around the strong dynamics which exists between the schools and their students. The Regional Directorate and student associations work together to draw up a program of events and projects throughout the year.

On campus, students can take part in the activities offered by the Student Union (‘Bureau des Etudiants’, BDE) and an Associations Office (Bureau des associations, BDA). Events are developed in 6 fields: Art & Culture, Campus Life, Events, Humanitarian activity & Solidarity, Sport, and Travel.

In France, An extensive system of discounts, assistance, and special facilities allows students to stretch a relatively modest budget to cover basic needs and to enjoy life in France.

Benefits include a network of student restaurants, university housing, rent subsidies, health insurance, student clubs and associations, and discounts on public transportation, movies, museums, libraries, and sporting events.