A word from our director

You said FIGS Education?

Parcours Sup, prep classes, double degrees, universities vs private schools, certified or visa accredited degrees….

French higher education is at the same time very attractive thanks to its historical institutions, its recognized degrees or excellence of research but it is also the great leap into the unknown when it comes to choosing one’s study pathway.

The complicated terminology and the multiplicity of options and access channels make the enlightened choice difficult, especially when one comes from abroad.

Other questions are added such as for example the cost of living, the accommodation or the obtention of a student visa.

FIGS Education is first and foremost an answer to this major stake of readability of the training offer.

By representing 22 schools, 13 cities in France and over 100 training programmes, FIGS Education gathers together in one single place educational choices in more than 10 areas, opened as of the obtention of the school leaving certificate, through a simplified and standardized process adapted to international students.

Choosing and serenely guiding oneself becomes then much easier.

FIGS Education is the international department of Reseau C&D and IGS Group schools; two major French education groups located in all parts of France.

The department has a dedicated team in France and 10 representation offices spread on all continents.

It supports you from choosing the right pathway (matching between your profile and professional project with the school and programme choices) until your arrival in France (help for setting-up, for integration, etc.).

Key statistics

Our pedagogy and training method An Interactive, Innovative and Professional Teaching Method

With the goals of promoting societal commitment, combine economic development and social matters, develop an apprenticeship pedagogy leading to employment.

The teaching method provided to all students is based on experience and professionalization. It is part of an action-based philosophy which places the individual and its entrepreneurship power at the center of its projects.

The Teaching Staff: Academic Dimension and Professionalism

Equally composed of university lecturers/researchers and professionals coming from the business world, the teaching staff embodies a distinctive feature: a link between academic system and professional world.

Personalized Course and Double Degrees

The Group offers courses for all profiles at each life step. A system of links between courses and double degrees is in place to enjoy the variety and richness of this unique set of trainings. This in order to give to everyone the opportunity to build its own study path, close from its professional plans.

A Teaching Method Based on Action

Connected campus and training centers, eLearning, project mode learning and innovative teaching methods are key elements in an interactive educational method where learners are actors of their own future. By integrating face-to-face and distance learnings, it answers the needs of every public. Thanks to human scaled classes, learners enjoy an individualized support, which remains the best guarantee of success.

Equal opportunities

The aim of the Group is to develop the individual potential of its students. What distinguishes a professional who has been educated by our Group from an equally well-qualified counterpart is their personal and employment potential.

“Our strength lies in our ability to awaken or reawaken potential and talent”, says Managing Director. “This is why we developed by a wide range of training mechanisms at all levels, from the most basic right up to the post graduate levels

The 3 pillars of the Group:

1/ Development of professional skills though training programs leading to the award of certified diplomas, degrees and qualifications.

2/ Training which develops responsible and enlightened professionals who reintroduce the concept of citizenship into the corporate environment.

3/ Support successful achievement with a high level of personalization.

  • Our Career Services makes job searches more effective. 6 months after graduation, 87% of the Group’s students are in permanent employment.
  • The Skills Passport or Student Record Book. Every student has their own Record Book where projects are recorded throughout their period of study. This provides the material for a detailed profile of each individual and an assessment of 4 forms of intelligence: professional, interpersonal, situation-based and emotional intelligence.



In an increasingly interactive, complex and globalized economy, our schools prepare students to develop and manage new business models and to challenge paradigms.

Our core values are based on the belief that there can be no lasting economic success without social success.

The Group shares a common vision, that of an education built on key values – Humanism / Entrepreneurship / Professionalism – and on a teaching philosophy that emphasizes encouragement and individual support.


For 40 years, the IGS Group has been true to its founding values: humanism, ethics and entrepreneurship. In this respect, it is a pioneer and innovator in the increasingly complex employment marketplace.


Building on its social commitment, it is involved in developing businesses, sustainable social relationships and teaching managerial development.


Faced with the challenges of the future, the IGS Group is one of the most committed players in decision-making relating to changes in the way in which work is structured and economic performance, while remaining at the cutting edge of technological advances.”

Roger Serre

Managing Director, IGS Group



FIGS Education is a leading French private University Group, and comprises 20 schools with decades of experience to offer international students a full range of Bachelor, Master, MBA and Executive Education Programs taught in English.

FIGS offers a large range of programs, taught in French or in English in 10 French cities, with most important hubs being Paris and Lyon. At FIGS you can choose over 60 degree programs across 20 study fields with 6 major disciplines: Business, Communication, Tourism, Computer Sciences, Design, and Environment.

Whether you are interested in undergraduate studies or looking to boost your career with a postgraduate degree, FIGS has just what you need. Alternatively, FIGS also offers short term options such as summer sessions and foundation programs: enjoy a fantastic cultural experience while studying in one of our French campus.

We specifically designed programs that are strongly connected to real business life. Our students benefit from exceptional opportunities through our network of 10,000+ partner companies and +94,000 alumni worldwide.





Commitment in the fight against racism and antisemitism

One of our mission is to fight against  all forms of discrimination and violence, particularly discrimination based on the basis of origin, ethnicity, religious belief. Our aim is to educate and train students in respect of the equal dignity of human beings, freedom, freedom of conscience and secularity (law from the 8th of July 2013).

For this purpose, a referee belonging to the referees “racism and antisemitism” from the Ministry of National Education ensures its proper implementation on our campuses.

Contact: .Mrs Stéphane AKOUN – Phone: +33 1 44 40 80 30 / Email : stephane.akoun@idracparis.com



Meet our team

Active in international development for over 20 years now, I love meeting people from different cultures.

Always in a plane or somewhere on the other side of the planet. My team says that I am a hyperactive lady.

Bénédicte FAVRE

Director of International Development

Working in an International environment since 6 years, passionate with multicultural challenges, I’m an enthusiastic person but mostly very stubborn!


I have a thing for cards and for old movies and a real excitement for French cheese!



Marketing Manager

I love so much being in touch with students from all over the world! What I like the most? Discovering a country through student’s stories: how they cook, which music they listen to and what landscapes look like!


Travelling is for me a second nature even if I’m really scared of flying!


Passionate with vintage I like to travel to London especially to Camden to do shopping. I even created my own vintage accessories inspired by Art Nouveau.


International Coordinator

I grew up in Paris, studied in San Diego, worked in Shanghai and I have now the privilege to work with African countries. I’m seen as easy going, and a as a great representative of the French “Art de vivre”.


I have a thing for Japanese food, French wine and African dances.


Is that international enough for you?


Arnaud MERRI

Admissions Manager

Having dual nationality and multiple roots, international runs in my blood since the very beginning. I love traveling and adventure is my thing: Asian big cities, African deserts or Amerindian jungles, everything suits me!

I am a huge sports fan, always ready for a new challenge, teamwork being one of them!

Mathias TAUBER

Junior Area Manager

Always lived in Lyon, however my heart lies in a little village in Sardinia, close to the sea.

I have travelled around the world without any jetlag or plane during all my years at the Alliance Française in Lyon. Those years brought me an incredible human richness, then I have joined IDRAC Business School where I have learn so much professionnally. I was then able to become a part of FIGS adventure.

You can definitely say that international has always been an active part of my life!


Marie Claire CHERCHI


After 8 years serving academic mobility of students notably through the Erasmus programme, I joined the FIGS Education team in 2020, to coordinate our training programmes implemented at international level within our affiliated campuses.

Convinced that the solution to the challenges of the future will only arise from the alliance of cultures, I am very happy to contribute to the true internationalization of higher education.



International Programs Manager


I’m an ESAM alumni (graduated in 2012) and I’m an entrepreneur in Madagascar since 2014. I have always been passionate about business world, I have been involved in entrepreneurship after experiencing working in consultancy in Paris, coaching SMEs and start-ups to grow their businesses. Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve took the lead of the Malagasy office of France International Graduate Schools. With my team, we are trying to give personalized solutions for each Malagasy student who decided to trust us with FIGS to start or continue them higher education in our schools in France.


Director of FIGS Madagascar


I’m 30 years old, commited for the past seven years in the world of education. I’m passionate with music, cooking and entrepreneurship !


After Senegal, Gabon, Marocco and France, I wish I can still travel around the world: learning from others is something I value. Discovering is enriching, and education is the future of this world!

Ibrahima TALL

Director of FIGS Sénégal


It has now been 3 years that I’m commited in higher education in helping and assisting students who wish to pursue their study project in France.

Rigorous and autonomous, the creation of kind and responsible relations between mankind gives me a purpose in life.

Seynabou Seye

Chargée des admissions, Bureau FIGS Sénégal

Namaste  From Nepal!

My name is Sandhya Silwal and I have been working with students planning to study in France for more than 3 years in different consultancies.

I am very excited to now manage the one and only official FIGS Education office in Nepal, to deploy all the programs of colleges here, and to guide the students from Nepal and their application.

You can meet with me at our office in Kathmandou and I will assist you every step of the way from day one to the day you fly out to France.


Shandya SILWAL

DIrector FIGS Nepal

I had the chance to always meet interesting people in my life, who did guide me during my career. Now, it is my turn to give counseling and guidance to students who are looking to study in France.

Curious and invested in my work, I love learning more about what’s going on worldwide.

I have traveled quite a lot: 18 countries… I haven’t done it all, but I’m looking forward to travel even more very soon!


Official Representative - MOROCCO

I’m tunisian, but I also have italian, turkish and berber blood as well. International is definitely running through my veins !

My professionnal path along with my studies have allowed me to discover many different cultures. I had the chance to guide and counsel many international students coming from Africa in their professionnal project.


Official Representative - Tunisia

I have chosen to join the FIGS Education adevtnure for two reasons: the higher education world represented a brand new experience for me. Secondly, this woud allow me to join an international team with people from many different horizons.

What I love most about my job is to meet people from different regions in Algeria.



Official Representative - Algeria

Ambitious, invested in my job and determined: I’m always after new challenges and eager to learn more. All the reasons why I chose to join the FIGS Education adventure.

What I love more about this job is the service to our students: guiding and councseling them until thy arrive in France gives me a profound satisfaction.


Official Representative - Congo

I dedicate myself to my career in FIGS Education. I am very much confident if you choose to learn with FIGS and our people in France, you will harvest more than you can expect.

Please feel free to contact me via contact.chine@figs-education.com. I am always beside you to provide help in FIGS China Office whenever you need me.


Official Representative - China