CEFAM provides a French American business education leading to internationally recognized degrees and global careers.

Established in 1986, CEFAM educates future decision makers and managers who will be putting their skills to work for international companies.

CEFAM strives to combine the best of both the French and the American academic systems:

• Quality education and innovative pedagogical methods

• A modestly-sized school that encourages close working relationships among students, teachers and administration

• Diversity in the courses on offer (liberal arts, marketing, management, accounting, languages and economics)

• CEFAM offers two tracks:

• 4 years in France : the CEFAM degree, certified by the French government

• 3 years in France + 1 year in the United States: Double degree conferred by an AACSB accredited university.

CEFAM’s faculty and staff have one ambition – the academic, professional, and personal success of all their students. Graduates are employed in high level positions throughout the world.







Over 30 years’ Experience in Education in the United States


CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management) was founded in 1986 to respond to the growing internationalization of markets and companies.


The school prepares its students for careers in management through:


  • The content of its programs
  • Its academic organization, in association with several renowned American universities


1 Program for 2 Degrees


Two main choices contributed to establishing CEFAM’s primary focus:


1/ Spending part of the program in France before continuing in one of CEFAM’s affiliated universities while simultaneously earning two degrees:


  • One French, the CEFAM degree, recognized in France and in Europe and certified Level I by the French government
  • The other American, conferred by a prestigious American university accredited by the AACSB (gold standard for business schools)


2/ Teaching the entire program in English, starting in the first year, thanks to an international faculty


Studying in the United States


CEFAM is the only school that allows all of its students to study in the United States and obtain a degree from a prestigious, AACSB accredited, American university.


In the United-States, CEFAM students are registered for classes in the partner university and acquire independence, ease, and responsibility.


CEFAM: Your Partner in Success


CEFAM’s faculty and staff have one ambition – the academic, professional, and personal success of all their students.


Our graduates are employed in high level positions throughout the world.


CEFAM affirms its secular nature by accepting individuals from all faiths, as well as those who do not follow a particular faith, and does not abide discrimination of any kind based on gender, nationality, or its students’ ethnicity.



Karine Chaux



« When I chose CEFAM in the first place, I thought there was something truly unique about that program and I got more than I bargained for; we all did. It’s not only about the quality of the teachers, their kindness and availability, not only about the exceptional work environment. For most of us the CEFAM became our home away from home. We learnt about ourselves and what it means to truly open yourself to other cultures. It was a journey, an experience, to this day my closest friends are still classmates I met during my CEFAM years.
We’re all linked in that unspoken certainty that we shared something special, maybe just the best years of our lives. »

Alexandre Gabriel

Chief Operating Officer, Sales and Training Government – Société Générale in Korea - CEFAM Alumni – Temple 1997

“I found all my experiences at CEFAM to be deeply enriching, perfectly preparing me for the world of work in an international environment. CEFAM allowed me not only to study, share, and travel with people from all walks of life, but also ultimately to learn how to adapt and continue developing my abilities in any circumstance.”

Olivier Declippeleir

Associate JP Morgan, Hong Kong CEFAM Alumni – Pace 2006


Internships are an integral part of CEFAM’s programs. Students have an opportunity to spend 9 months in a company in France or abroad. Choosing CEFAM means choosing a school with solid connections to the professional world.

CEFAM helps all its students in the search process.

For the past 30 years, CEFAM ’s mission has been to prepare students for an international career in the world of business and management by using their unique model that combines the French “Grandes Ecoles” traditions with the pragmatism and “can do attitude” of American business schools.


I am extremely happy to call CEFAM one of our close partners in Team USA along with the European American Chamber of Commerce and American Club.


As such, we participate in exclusive networking events where students can apply skills learned in the classroom to the real world!

Clayton M. Stanger

American Consul in Lyon

The Student Career Center

This department offers students support in their internship and professional mission searches. Every year, many internship and job offers are available to students via CEFAM’s interactive platform: www.cefam-alumni.com.

In keeping with the involvement companies have in the development of CEFAM’s academic program, internships are an integral part of our curriculum. During the program in France, students are required to gain corporate experience through 3 to 6 month internships throughout the world (United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America) and can complete their 4th year in a cooperative education program in the United States at Northeastern University.

Each student is followed individually to better define his or her career plan.


Student Testimonials


“I grew in a very cosmopolitan environment and learned how to work within multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary groups. During my internship with Citibank, I had an opportunity to work for several departments, including sales and product development, and to be involved in very diverse assignments, in both strategic and operational terms. Through daily contact with my Citibank colleagues and customers, I am thrilled that my internship provided me with a 360° view of the company. This experience was also an opportunity for me to develop my career plan and learn more about what I do well and what I need to improve, like building my professional network.”


Citibank international Luxembourg – 6 month Internship

“I did my internship at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), in Brussels. It was a fantastic experience, both in terms of the quality of my assignments (recruitment, translation projects, assisting project managers, etc.) and the quality of the contact with others within such a cosmopolitan company. I also loved Brussels, culture capital of the world! The hardest part now will be trying to find such an exciting internship for next year!”


CCL Brussels – 3 month Internship

Employment Statistics