• Career coaching and services

    Managing the transition into employment is one of the Group’s skills and core beliefs. It is particularly active in providing career assistance. Professional insertion is one of the most pressing issues in the employment marketplace today. The Group has a distinguished track record as one of the most committed players in this area.

    In addition to providing training in professional skills, the Group is committed to bringing out the talents and personality of its students.

    Companies no longer seek merely to hire staff with skills in a particular area, but to recruit employees who are proactive and bring their own added value.

    As part of their recruitment process, partners and businesses have regular preferential access to applicants trained by the Group at general events (e.g. ‘Corporate Days’ in Paris), events devoted to work-study (e.g. the ‘Grand forum Alternance’ in Lyon), events focusing on a specific level of training (e.g. ‘Job-Dating’ in Toulouse) or events specialising in a particular job sector.


    • Individual counselling sessions (methodology, cover letter, resume job interviews and professional project)
    • Professional workshops and Master Classes
    • E-Learning modules (Specific focus on career management, challenging skills, business networking and employability)
    • Recruitment events
    • Career fairs
    • Career days
    • Job presentation videos
    • Company visits
    • Job and intership forums
    • Online tools: dedicated websites, Alumni networking, internships and job offers…
    • Skills assessment


  • Innovative academic experience

    The Group win-win approach: The training courses and teaching content delivered in our schools are the fruit of this partnership with companies; they are therefore perfectly aligned with job market requirements and ensure that students are highly employable.

    The quality of the training delivered provides interns, work-study students or seasoned graduates who are experienced, well trained and correspond very closely to job description criteria. This is proved by the fact that in addition to degrees, many qualifications on the RNCP French National Register of Certified Professions recognised by the French Ministry of Labour are awarded by IGS Group schools to their students.

    Monitoring and support is provided to prepare students for employment within each establishment by a Corporate Relations Officer whose role involves:

    • Establishing a special, long-term relationship with corporate contacts
    • Receiving and selecting the various offers from companies and presenting them to students
    • Organising a variety of events throughout the year to bring recruiters and students together in person, for example at job conferences
    • Ensuring monitoring and signature of the various contracts and agreements (internship, apprenticeship or work-study contracts, company training contracts, part-time or full-time employment contracts)
    • Ensuring that student projects in companies are monitored
    • Facilitating the alumni network by organising various events to bring alumni together and foster a lifelong link and to offer companies a source of potential employees
    • Collecting the apprenticeship levy from companies which funds training and programmes either wholly or in part

  • Hands on practice and training

    • A unique combination of theoretical and practical skills.
    • This innovative academic experience business expertise
    • Students complement their knowledge with work placements in every program.
    • These professional immersion periods included in the training maximize employability and enable students to develop their business environment awareness.

    Benefits include:

    • Clarification of career goals
    • Practical experience
    • Networking
    • References
    • Strong insight on organisations and challenges….


    • Companies contribute to the schools’ success at all levels
    • Ensure the programme’s revelevance to company needs
    • Recruitment and internships opportunities
    • Contribution to research and learning
    • Top entrepreneurial networks
    • Real world teaching with professional teachers


    • 10 000 Partner companies
    • 94% of graduate employed 6 months after leaving the school
    • 51% employability before graduation
    • 20% found their first job abroad