OUR OFFICE IN CHINA Jessie’s professional background

I have a strong expertise in management and operation in the educational field. I have been leading Yihai Education group for 10 years, focusing on children’s education from 6 months to secondary school; covering Chinese as well as international curriculums on all types of training programs.

I always focused on offering scholarly excellence in order to contribute to the goal of “international perspective, the whole list, global  citizenship, and high-quality talents”. I made many efforts in order to make Chinese culture understood and valued, notably by contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative.

What do you like best in your job?

What I like best in my job is to contribute to the enrichment of Sino-foreign cooperative courses in China’s higher vocational colleges. I also appreciate a lot to take part in helping them to innovate in their modes of cooperation.

Your top priorities for 2022?

For 2022, my top priority clearly is to further develop Yihai’s educational offer by multiple ways and notably through innovation.


Why choosing FIGS Education?

FIGS Education and its partner schools have an extensive experience in education and benefit from a large number of campuses in French cities. They offer many programs fully taught in English covering specialties and majors that Chinese students appreciate much. Thanks to this possibility to study in English, Chinese students can dedicate more time studying their major than studying French language. This is a true asset for students interested in studying in France.

Besides, FIGS Education schools are all characterized by a very close relationship with the business community, which naturally brings many internship and work opportunities for international students. The latter can gain practical experience by participating in a corporate internship, which will be favoured by future employers.


Yes, when the first “class bell” was rung during the opening ceremony of our school this year.


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