The communication field is a sector in constant evolution. The reasons for this are numerous: the growing importance of technology and the Internet, the changes in consumer behaviour in search of new values, and the consideration given by companies for their social responsibility. All of these factors combine to change lines.

The SUP’DE COM School of Communication was created in 1985. With more than 35 years of experience, it offers a structured approach based on an innovative educational project. A progressive training course which will open the doors to positions of responsibility in agencies or in communication departments.

With its 9 campuses, it is the leading school of communication in France. Our school’s mission is to train future communication strategists, in media and non-media, on and offline, for a professional integration in a constantly evolving field. Our values are:

  • innovation: anticipating tomorrow through a dynamic collective research at the service of value creation,
  • diversity: nourishing ourselves with the wealth of all and being a social player for everyone
  • commitment: involvement in the common mission of acquiring and sharing knowledge, interpersonal skills,
  • and boldness: daring to be different, showing initiative and curiosity, becoming aware of one’s strengths and revealing oneself.