OUR OFFICE IN CONGO Mary’s professional background

My career so far has been dominated by versatility: I went from a position in marketing, to logistics and communication; to eventually end up in the field of orientation in higher education in France.

What do you like best in your job?

What I like best is definitely the close relationships with the future students as well as their high level of satisfaction once they’ve been admitted and enrolled in a FIGS Education school.

Your top priorities for 2022?

My top priorities for the year 2022 are:

  1. To provide future applicants with comprehensive information on the full application process
  2. To make sure to be fully available to each of them in order to truly listen to and understand their profile and project
  3. To increase the speed for processing the administrative documents in order to dedicate more time to counselling and preparing


Why choosing FIGS Education?

I am myself an ambitious, motivated and purposeful person. My thirst for new challenges and my desire to learn naturally led me to join the FIGS Education journey.


I remember meeting a group of students and parents during a study fair in Brazzaville. They actually were surprised when they discovered how I look like. According to them, my voice on the phone was quite impressive and let them think that I was a person with an imposing stature…. which contrasts a lot with who I am: quite small, thin and joyful!


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Tel: +242 04 471 88 51 or +242 06 685 59 98