Ranked in 2020 in the TOP 3 of the best accounting and management schools in the Palmarès du Monde du Chiffre, IGEFI provides training in business finance. This field encompasses both accounting and management, applied finance and payroll. These functions are essential to the management and development of companies. At IGEFI, in addition to the diploma, your professional inclusion matters. IGEFI trains future professionals in the fields of financial management by giving them direct access to employment.

Rigor, diversity and creativity are indissociable values at IGEFI. They place the success of the learner at the very forefront, thanks to high-level coaching. Our objective is to help you create your own life, with intelligence, curiosity, discipline and professionalism. At IGEFI, we do our very best to accompany you on the journey of your ambitions. Our institute offers degree courses at Bac+3 and Bac+5 levels in two fields of expertise: management-finance and accounting. These courses allow you to access highly qualified positions.