OUR OFFICE IN GABON Cecilia’s professional background

Since 2016, my work has focused on higher education and student mobility. Between Dakar and Libreville, I have held the positions of Assistant to the Director of International Relations, Administrative Manager and eventually, Communication and External Relations Manager in a higher education institution. Today, I am delighted to be part of FIGS Education Gabon and thus have the opportunity to participate in the achievement of young Gabonese’ study projects.

What do you like best in your job?

What I like best about this job is first of all the richness of the exchanges: meeting new people from different backgrounds, partners, students and parents, exchanging with them and being able to help them in different ways.

Secondly, there is the singularity of each situation: no profile is the same, there is a story behind each application and I like the idea of discovering each one’s. This has to be considered in order to well orient young people.

Eventually, I highly appreciate the feeling of accomplishment that arises when the admission procedure is completed and the student can take his/her flight to France. This feeling of having contributed to the realization of their life project is the greatest reward in my opinion.

Your top priorities for 2022 ?

For 2022, my priorities are in the first place to make FIGS Education Gabon known in order to become a key player of higher education in France, and also to be available for all students in order to reassure parents about their decision to trust us.


Why choosing FIGS Education?

FIGS Education offers a wide choice of training pathways and schools located in several French cities. Joining FIGS Education teams was something natural since international educational guidance fully matches my training and experience background. Today, I am proud to be part of a dynamic and international team.

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Cécilia Ketsia MONDJOT


Tél: +241 74 83 83 54