Since 1987, IMIS has been a school specialised in Health Industry Management. Each year, it helps its students to take up the challenge of conquering the advanced market of health. The school offers two majors: Marketing and Regulatory Affairs. IMIS trains exclusively scientific profiles to acquire the marketing or regulatory affairs skills needed to obtain a position of responsibility in the healthcare industry.

The training is taught by professionals to be in keeping with the needs of the market. The modules are given in the form of case studies, concrete situations, business games, conferences and company presentations. The objective of this training is to enable students to enter the pharmaceutical, medical equipment and biotechnology sectors with the dual skills sought by employers.

The professional integration of our graduates and the recognised quality of our training by the companies in our network will enable you to apply your skills as soon as you leave IMIS. If you like challenges, if ambition is your motivator and if you wish to give a strategic dimension to your scientific studies, IMIS will help you succeed in your projects.