Created in 1975, the IGS-HR Management School is a successful story since 43 years. Success of our students along the years demonstrates a capacity to adapt the ways of learning to changes in the market.
IGS-RH aims for success:

• Continue to combine humanist values and high professional skills
• Ensure that our students are able to find and transition smoothly to careers in France and abroad
• Foster the emergence of “good minds” and encourage the growth of mature and responsible individuals
• Help each student find long term career path in a changing, unpredictable and global business world

In order to remain the leader in human resources, IGS-HR stays on top of new developments, and continues to move forward and innovate. By integrating this approach in its teaching and programs, IGS-HR provides to students with the best and latest ways of working in HR to succeed professionally and personally.
Each campus hosts our students with the same patterns:

• A dedicated and cohesive team having the willingness to help students to meet their objectives
• The power of our education Group with a network of 8000 partner companies, 54 000 IGS Alumni and 13 000 students a year in 8 skill areas and 3 campuses: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse
• Acquire valuable study abroad experience with opportunities in 4 main countries and possibly a full semester of courses abroad (University of Sherbrooke)
• Get hands-on experience through internships, coaching and seminars, that will allow you to build up your résumé before graduation
• The existence of a strategic HR committee enabling the connection with the latest state of the art in Human Resources


1 Year

Full Time

October - January

This is a pioneering program for a select group of students and the number of participants is limited for now. The vast majority of students who choose this path wish to pursue a career in strategic HR management in an international company abroad.

The IGS-RH students who have completed this program worked hard and IGS-RH is very proud of their success!


Directeur IGS-RH Paris - June 2016

IGS Human Resources Institute in figures

  • 37 years of HR knowledge and expertise
  • 8,500 alumni working in HR
  • 5,500 partner companies
  • € 32,500 – average starting salary for graduates in France
  • 500 internship offers each year
  • 200 job offers each year

4 good reasons for choosing to study at IGS-RH

A Full-Time International MBA, designed for students with a 4-year undergraduate degree seeking a position in HR.

IGS offers access to a top-ranked HR MBA program regardless of educational background, experience or geographical location.


  • Earn an accredited Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management
  • Six-month HR internship in a global enterprise
  • Life-long support from an active, global network of 9,000 HR alumni


The Professional Master 2 (Human Resources Management and Development – RMDRH*) corresponds to the second year of the two-year program. It addresses Human Resources from a managerial, strategic and organizational point of view to make you a future Business Partner HR Director.

In Paris, with 8 months of classes in English, on the Paris campus and includes a period of internship (6 months).




  • First semester (September - December)

    • Introduction to HR
    • Business Game
    • International Economics
    • International Human Resources
    • Managing in an International Environment
    • HR Strategy and Policy (at BU level)
    • Managing and Leading People
    • HR Administration and Legal Environment
    • Key Processes in Human Resources
    • Management and HRIS
    • Soft Skills in HR Management

  • Second semester (January - May)

    • Staffing and Recruitment
    • Talent Management and Careers
    • Planning – Training and Development
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Employee and Labor Relations
    • Performance Management
    • HR Strategy
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Best Practices in HRM

    Followed by a 6 months internship & dissertation.



Real team work, harnessing everyone’s talents to:

  • Pass on the resources and methods needed to become sought-after HR professionals,
  • Develop and promote analytical and critical skills; promote life-long learning,
  • Strengthen the resolve to becoming a key player in change management and economic progress while promoting the human element and the human touch,
  • Adopt a professional attitude as of enrollment and improve it with every internship and in-company assignment,
  • Allow all students to find fulfillment and boost their self-esteem and leadership abilities.


IGS achieves this by structuring its teaching into:

  • Workshops for personal development/emotional growth,
  • Communication exercises,
  • Group work,
  • Group projects,
  • Public presentations,
  • Daily encounters between learners and professionals,
  • Interactive teaching methods that encourage ownership and empowerment,
  • Role playing,
  • Organizing and participating in conferences, workshops and debates.

CAREERS IGS-RH leading the pack in HR Education Rankings

A September 2012 ranking by the industry’s leading magazine for HR and social matters « Liaisons Sociales », in partnership with ANDRH, the French national association of HR directors, named IGS-RH number 4 for full-time training in Human Resources Management.

This leading position is backed up by IGS-RH’s distinction of being the most widely known and cited HR school by HR directors. A criteria-specific breakdown in the same survey highlights IGS’s strengths in several areas such as professional placement, international focus, attention to individual student development and executive training.

Career prospects. IGS ranked no. 1

Career prospects. IGS ranked no. 1 for the most job-focused, full-time training program out of the 77 courses surveyed. This excellent result reflects the value we at IGS-RH place on employability through one-to-one support, individual and group tutoring, assistance from our student supervisors and corporate relations directors and a graduate job board.

Employability. Ranked no. 1

Employability. Ranked no. 1 for this criterion as well, IGS-RH is widely recognized for its high-quality educational content tailored to the wants and needs of future employers and students. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our teaching to mirror changes in the business world. To do this, we draw on input from our professional guest speakers, our Strategic Direction Committee, our alumni network as well as the jury members, conference participants and supervisors we work with.

International aspects. Ranked 2nd

International aspects. Ranked 2nd most internationally focused full-time training course, IGS was rewarded for its outward-looking policy, with its highly effective classes in English, its partnership with London South Bank University, providing an English Master of Science degree, semesters offered in 6 English-speaking countries spread over 3 continents and its numerous international guest speakers.

Companies recruiting IGS-RH graduates include





Having professional experience, I wanted to broaden my international experience and deepen my HR expertise. I decided to come to France to join a high level HR school: IGS-RH, the best school directly dedicated to HR. It has a high standard of teaching, teachers are professionals in their field, and it zooms in HR trends and practices. Moreover, with its partnerships with renowned universities, UC3M, is a major asset for anyone who wants to work in an international environment. The double degree experience extends my network, meeting with different countries, cultures and people; allows to widen my expertise – with the Madrid track being more of a combination “HR – Business School”-, providing larger insights into academics approaches, different types of study environments, teaching and learning styles; and improves my confidence to work in this complex environment, starting with my final internship as HR Business Partner at Atos International.

IGS is the most suitable option for my professional project and surely for anyone looking for an international HR career.


IGSRH/UC3M student

Companies need Human Resources managers who are able to recruit international talent, implement processes in many different countries (international mobility, learning and development…) and understand diversity and multicultural environments.
In addition to the challenges specific to Human Resources, companies need HR managers who are able to understand business strategy and manage global change. Human Resources managers with a global outlook are very much in demand, and a good command of English is essential for all employers. Whether your enterprise is local or global – located in France or in Poland – being able to work efficiently in English will greatly increase your professional opportunities and career potential!


Engagement & Diversity VP SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

My experience in China was a real career-booster. It helped me to grow and mature and to learn to be open to different cultures, work habits and management systems. As an overseas employee, it can actually be easier to get job postings with responsibility and to move ahead quickly.

Each time I returned to France, I was sought-after by headhunters in spite of the difficult job market. Today, many large companies require international experience for the top jobs. As an HR manager, I see that candidates with international experience are adaptable, able to work independently and ready to take the initiative.


Alumni 2003 HR Director Sandro