Understanding international relations, which are changing abruptly has become essential for every citizen to succeed in his/her professional life and find his/her personal fuflfilement. By transmitting to their students a priceless knowledge and the keys that will enable them to learn, ILERI professors offers them the best passport for the future.

ILERI students are committed, open to others, to their culture and to their languages. They are free spirits, curious, ready to face all challenges by adapting to all situations.

Since 1948, our school has been a place where humanist values have flourished. ILERI students have many opportunities to develop their passion and individualize their pathway: choice of language courses, work experience in companies, presentations, writing of reports and theses. They benefit from a individualized follow-up by the academic team adapted to their professional project throughout their training.

This intensive, high-level programme aims to provide a well-rounded education for students wishing to pursue international careers in both the public and private sectors. Oriented towards action and handling responsibility, it aims to train professionals capable of defending convictions while still respecting different opinions, with an aptitude for debate, for developing a statement through the establishment of a collective project and capable of critical distance.