OUR OFFICE IN ANTANANARIVO Jonathan’s professional background

Graduated from ESAM Paris, one of FIGS Education’s schools, I started to work in consulting in Paris before returning to Madagascar in 2014. Today, I manage the office in the Indian Ocean as well as the ESCM Business School, a school settled in Antananarivo and affiliated with IDRAC Business School. I also lead a company offering externalized services to French organizations.

What do you like best in your job?

What I like best in my job in that the impact of our daily action, our daily involvement is measurable. This provides us with a lot of strength.

Your top priorities for 2022?

Our top priorities for 2022 are to keep increasing the number of students undertaking further studies on one of FIGS Education schools in France while ensuring the best fit between the applicant’s profile and his/her pedagogical project as well as guaranteeing a high level of satisfaction.


Why choosing FIGS Education?

I highly identify myself on the values of FIGS Education schools. Besides, I graduated from one of them which also provides me with a valuable legitimacy and reliability within the Indian Ocean where I come from.

The trust from Bénédicte Favre as well as the unified community formed with the team in Lyon and in the other campuses worldwide are huge assets that are significant to me and hard to find elsewhere.


I remember one of our students, Jimmy. When he received his student visa for France, he was so enthusiastic that he forgot to check its validity dates. He rushed to purchase his flight ticket and naturally, when he presented himself to the Malagasy customs too early, they did not let him go. He was very disappointed – so was his mother – but this false start was quickly forgotten when he could eventually board on a plane a few days later! I was travelling on the same flight that day.


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Tel: +261 34 43 625 80

Adress: Lot II W 26 N Ankorahotra 101 Antananrivo