Professional Master in Finance or Marketing

(CEFAM degree, certified by the French government)


CEFAM provides a French American business education leading to internationally recognized degrees and global careers.

Established in 1986, CEFAM educates future decision makers and managers who will be putting their skills to work for international companies.

CEFAM strives to combine the best of both the French and the American academic systems:

• Quality education and innovative pedagogical methods

• A modestly-sized school that encourages close working relationships among students, teachers and administration

• Diversity in the courses on offer (liberal arts, marketing, management, accounting, languages and economics)

• CEFAM offers two tracks:

• 4 years in France : the CEFAM degree, certified by the French government

• 3 years in France + 1 year in the United States: Double degree conferred by an AACSB accredited university.

CEFAM’s faculty and staff have one ambition – the academic, professional, and personal success of all their students. Graduates are employed in high level positions throughout the world.

1 year

Full Time

September - January 2018


Bachelor of Commerce or any Business area degree completed


This one year full-time program, specially designed for international students with a business background, will give them the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to reach management positions and pursue a global career.

Students have to follow 10 courses, and prepare a thesis.

Along with their business courses, they also will be taking one French course per semester, clearly improving their language skills as well, by the end of their degree.

A 6 months internship period has to be done at the end of the academic curriculum.
All students have access to the school’s Corporate Relations Office and its resources.

After graduation, CEFAM students can continue their education with an MBA or MS degree in one of our partner universities or anywhere in the world.

Two majors available: Finance / Marketing


Fall semester

– Risk Management
– Strategic Management & Organizational Policy
– Business Ethics
– Financial Planning & Analysis
– Money Market

Spring Semester

– Operations & Supply Chain Management
– Intermediate Financial Accounting
– French/ US Accounting
– Information Technology for Finance
– Corporate Finance


Fall semester

– Operations & Supply Chain Management
– Marketing Research
– Consumer Behavior
– Advertising

Spring Semester

– Risk Management
– Strategic Management & Organizational Policy
– Business Ethics
– Sales & Sales Management




The U.S. Consulate in Lyon is proud to partner with CEFAM to broaden the understanding in France of U.S. values, culture, and society and bolster Franco-American friendship.  For over 30 years, CEFAM has provided students a unique, bi-coastal perspective that prepares them well for today’s globalized marketplace.  CEFEAM’s international faculty expose their students to a wide range of viewpoints and challenge them to think independently while developing essential analytical and project management skills necessary for success in today’s competitive business environment.


 CEFAM students enter the job market with better language skills, a broader understanding of international business, and an improved ability to work in a multinational environment as a result of their studies abroad.  I have been extremely impressed by the students’ maturity as I’ve worked with them on various projects.  I strongly encourage prospective students to consider carefully the advantages a dual-degree program such as CEFAM would give them over a more traditional program when entering an increasingly competitive job market.  You won’t regret having this edge over the competition nor the life-changing experience of acquiring it!

Rebecca J. Kimbrell

Consul - Consulat des Etats-Unis - Lyon, France




CEFAM helped me develop my competitive nature while at the same time encouraging me to remain open-minded and consider all my options before acting. This young and dynamic institution has been able, through its original and captivating methods, to transform young students into young executives.


Just like good wine, CEFAM continues to improve with age and I hope all the future generations will have as much fun learning and we did.

Vincent Gérard

CEO of Gérard et Péysson - CEFAM Alumnus – Pace 2008

It has been my great honor and privilege to work with so many outstanding CEFAM students over the years who have completed their BBA degree at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business. They greatly enriched our classes.


They excelled academically receiving their Pace degree with distinction. Our faculty has always had excellent things to say about the CEFAM students in their classes, which is a tribute to the quality education that the students receive at CEFAM. I am very proud of my involvement in the partnership that Pace has shared with CEFAM for more than 25 years.


I look forward to many more years of working together with CEFAM colleagues in educating talented students for successful careers in business.

Lynne Byrne

Pace University

CEFAM represents consistency, stability, credibility, and especially success.


For me, CEFAM is a school that allows its students to discover other cultures, encourages openminded attitudes, and provides an international focus that is necessary in today’s world!

Gil Eyraud

CEO of the Beaujolais Golf Club - CEFAM Alumnus - Old Dominion University 1991