Professional Master in Business Unit Management

IFAG School of Management & Entrepreneurship was established in 1968. IFAG trains entrepreneurs and business buyers as well as all those who wish to occupy a management position.

The school is specifically designed for future entrepreneurs, managers, and all company executives.

The curriculum provides not only core courses in management but also the necessary tools to develop innovative ideas to foster a ‘can do’ entrepreneurial attitude.

Thanks to its innovative pedagogy, its incubator network, its support & mentoring program and its experience, IFAG tailors programs to the needs of each individual, from bachelor to graduate level, and from employees to company top managers.

For 50 years, IFAG has trained more than 11,000 executives and business leaders. IFAG graduates are present in all industries and in companies ranging from small businesses to major corporations Graduates benefit from the services of the Alumni Association IFAG ALUMNI, which goal is to develop the IFAG network and instill a participative philosophy around our core values: entrepreneurial spirit, team spirit and open-mindedness !


1 year

July 2019 - August 2020

100% in English




For several years, IFAG has been involved in entrepreneurship through its mentoring program for start-ups and its incubator network. IFAG has designed an entrepreneurship program based on leadership and strategy. The courses taught allow students to acquire the managerial skills essential to any leader. 

Our Professional Master in Business Unit Management helps students acquire a global understanding of the business world and the leadership skills they need to realize their goals throughout their professional careers.

Our Professional Master in Business Unit Management provides an academic curriculum that focuses on preparing students for a future as an entrepreneur. Students will master core theory and concepts of entrepreneurship, the financing of emerging enterprises, and business plan development.




  • Integration Seminar


    Orientation seminar

    TPRI901 Business Game

    French as a Foreign language (FLE)

    = 4 CREDITS

  • Skills in transmission & corporate takeover

    TPTI901        Transmission & Corporate Take over 9   

    TPTI001        Transmission & Corporate Take over 9   

    TPTI902        Audit/ Evaluation                          

    TPTI903        Legal and taxation                         

    TPTI002        Finance in Coporate takeover       

    TPTI003        Relationships between buyers and sellers

    = 16 CREDITS

  • Skills in national and international business management

    CCEI901        International business and logistics        

    CCEI902        International strategy        

    = 4 CREDITS

  • Skills in corporate administrative and financial management

    MGTI901       Watch and decision-making          

    MGTI902       Business unit management           

    CDGI901        Cost control                         

    CDGI902        Cash management

    = 8 CREDITS

  • Skills in general management

    MGTI903       Team management                        

    MGTI904       Conflict management         

    MGTI905       Change management         

    Intercultural management

    = 6 CREDITS

  • Cross-cutting skills

    Corporate strategy                         


    FINI001         Financial strategy    

    MGTI001       Human ressources management  

    COMI001       Communication strategy    

    MKGI001       Marketing strategy




    STRI001        Major in General Management   

    On line classes : crossknowledge platform

    STRI002       Major in International business unit development          


    FIGS project             


    International business development project                                                                                                                                     

    = 24 CREDITS



The majority of our students work in a leading role at established companies or managing their own businesses and start-ups, involved in business development and entrepreneurship.

Many graduates become entrepreneurs, finding opportunities and founding companies, but there are many other possibilities.

Existing companies need intrapreneurs to drive their product innovation and process development projects.

Careers prospects

The degree offers the knowledge and skills required that may be useful in launching your own business, and opens up opportunities at financial institutions and other entrepreneurial ventures. Depending on the size and success of the enterprise, you may be able to work towards related positions as well. If, for any reason you do not want to pursue self-employment, you will be equally equipped to handle administrative business positions, such as:

  • Board Management
  • Financial and Administrative Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Supply chain Management and Logistics Management
  • International Management