Certified Level II by the French government


The American Business School of Paris aims to train its students to become future business leaders who think internationally, take initiatives, and can work in multicultural teams.

In partnership with U.S. universities, the American Business School of Paris has adopted the American higher educational system, recognized worldwide.

The business school combines interactive project-based teaching with a specifically designed program that allows you to develop your personality, independence, and sense of initiative.

To facilitate your transition into the workplace, the American Business School of Paris has also adopted French best training practices: internships, seminars, and individual coaching.

The American Business School of Paris offers American degrees accredited by IACBE in USA and French degrees accredited by the French Public Authorities.



4 years

Full Time




Paris, also known as the “City of Lights,” is a magnet for world culture and business. Our international students discover a place that acts, in essence, as a “hinge” between Europe, the Middle East, Asia…as well as the United States. For our students, France is both a nation of tradition and a 21st-century country focused on careers and values of the future.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that we do not just train and prepare our students for international careers, we also support them in their professional endeavors, both during and after their studies, up until our alumni are able to find a permanent position in a company that is suited to their skills and aspirations. As you can see, the support we provide our students never ends!

Interview with Dr. Fadel

Dean of The American Business School Paris


Study for an international Bachelor in Business Administration in France, right after high school or as a transfer student in order to prepare for a global career and much future success in your professional endeavors!

Business School students know that they face a global job market today. To ensure your success in this ever-changing job market, the American Business School of Paris readies for this process, through an academic BBA based on the American higher education system.

The Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a 4-year undergraduate program recognized by companies worldwide.

The American Business School BBA is accredited in the United States since 2004 by the IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) and received French state recognition in 2009, offering student a double diploma.

The BBA program is recognized in France by the Registre National de la Certification Professionnelle (RNCP, French National Directory of Professional Certification), “Manager à l’international, option Marketing-Vente, Gestion-Finance”, niveau II, arrêté du 27 nov.2012, JO 9 Décembre 2012, code NSF 310m.

International Business Expertise

With more than 80 nationalities represented, internships and study semesters abroad (88 partner universities), the American Business School of Paris offers an ideal multicultural environment for your Business studies.

Our BBA in France is structured around a core curriculum providing students with all the knowledge required for developing and managing a business. Students also benefit from professional experience in France or abroad, through mandatory internships.

All courses are given in English.


Each student has to choose a major during their BBA junior year (BBA 3):

  • International Finance
  • International Business
  • International Marketing

Students also have the opportunity to obtain a double major by taking specific courses at one of the American Business School of Paris’ partner universities.

The BBA program in Paris offers two admission periods per year:

  • The Fall Semester (September to December)
  • The Spring Semester (end of January to mid-May).

  • Foundation Courses

    • Academic Methodology
    • Critical Reading & Writing
    • Communication Techniques /Speech
    • Adv. Critical thinking 1 & 2
    • Introduction to Sociology or Psychology
    • Intercultural Studies
    • Management of Information System 1 & 2
    • Calculation

  • Core Business courses

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Introduction to American Business Law
    • European and International Law
    • International Business
    • International Relations
    • Business Ethics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Microeconomics
    • Business Statistics
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Financial Accounting
    • Advanced Financial and Managerial Accounting
    • Business Finance 1
    • Organizational Behavior & Functions of
    • Management
    • Operations Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Strategic Management

  • Elective courses

    • Impressionism
    • Post-Impressionism
    • Theater & Adv Public Speaking
    • Creativity & Innovation in Fashion Luxury
    • Luxury Sensory Marketing & Merchandising
    • Sales Techniques for Luxury Brands
    • Intercultural Luxury Consumer Behavior
    • A Social History of American Music
    • French Civilization
    • Paris: Art, History & Culture
    • Elementary French
    • Intermediate French (lower & upper level)
    • Advanced French
    • History of Arts, Literature & Music
    • International History of Arts, Literature and Photography
    • America & France: Crossroads in Civilization
    • American Writers in Paris




    • European Business Strategies
    • Doing Business in Asia
    • Doing Business in Middle East and Africa
    • Sourcing & Purchasing
    • International Economics
    • International Marketing
    • Personal Selling & Negotiation
    • International Finance
    • Logistics & Supply Chain Management


    • European Business Strategies
    • Mathematics for Finance
    • Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Analysis
    • Intermediate Microeconomics
    • International Economics
    • The European Economic Crisis
    • International Finance
    • Money & Banking
    • Business Finance 2
    • International Investment
    • Audit, Controlling & Risk Management


    • E-commerce & E-business
    • Digital Marketing & Web Analytics
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • Marketing Research
    • International Marketing
    • Personal Selling & Negotiation
    • Event & Sports Marketing
    • Creating & Developing Luxury Brands Strategic
    • Luxury Brand Management
    • Inside the Fashion Revolution
    • Fashion Brands & Consumer Behavior

All courses are worth 3 American credits or 6 ECTS credits.


Professional Coaching

Within the school

Corporate Relations and Professional Coaching Services at the American Business School of Paris help students develop their hiring potential throughout their studies while providing them with a 360° vision of different business sectors.

 Personal Coaching

Individual Coaching

Our Corporate Relations Manager guides each student throughout their studies at ABSParis in order to help them build a professional path and assists them in their search for internships as well as their first job.

 Professional Coaching Modules and Workshops

Each year, students take a series of workshops with experts in recruitment, communications and social networking in order to create their professional portfolios. While highlighting their skills and strengths, students are taught how to incorporate impactful tools, e.g. CVs, cover letters, pitches and LinkedIn profiles, into their interviews so that they can walk out of the interview feeling like they nailed it.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate talks

In order to shed light on different professions and possible career paths in Finance, Marketing, International Business & Entrepreneurship