New program now available: MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management


IEFT has now opened a new program, fully taught in English: MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management. You can send your application for September 2017!


IEFT provides a solid foundation for the management of tourism businesses.

The dynamics of the hospitality industry require talented professionals with creative spirits to emphasize guests” experiences while respecting ethical challenges that tourist destinations come up against.

Programs are specifically designed for adventurous individuals, with a passion for crossing continents and cultures along with a flair for languages and a strong desire to interact with people from around the world.


The MBA Tourism & Hospitality Management @ IEFT is a full time degree program, designed for students (or young professionals) who wish to enter the Tourism industry and become a high level professional.

Open to applicants with 3 years undergraduate degree completed — preferably in hospitality, tourism, event management, business, or equivalent qualification— this program aims at giving students the needed background in : employee development and management, managing operations,  strategic tourism marketing skills, heritage management, and business thinking adapted to this industry.

Teaching focuses on developing their individuals’ skills and the ability     to work in a collaborative way by developing professional and managerial competencies and the strategic thinking needed in this industry.

Courses cover all professions from marketing department, customer relations to services offered to guests and tourists all around the world.

This MBA provides students with the tools and understanding necessary to enter higher management levels in Tourism industry.


  • Intake Mid-September 12/09
  • 3 days per week on the Campus
  • 2 days out/visits organized

This is an official degree recognized by the State (Titre RNCP Niv.1) and delivered by Group IDRAC.


  • Hotel Manager
  • Hotel Operations Manager
  • Revenue Manager
  • Marketing Sales Manager
  • Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Recreation & Amusement Parks Operator
  • Site Manager, Development Manager
  • Tour Operator Sales Person
  • Product Manager
  • Leisure Center Professional
  • Business Tourism Manager


  • Applicants will submit an application form with all supporting documents (CV, cover letter, certificates and last two transcripts)
  • Admission interview and language test