OUR OFFICE IN SENEGAL Ibrahima’s professional background

My professional career quickly led me to discover the fields of communication and education. After starting as trainer and then programme manager at ISM Dakar, I took the position of academic advisor at Campus France Senegal.

This is how I got to know FIGS Education and decided to join the team as Manager of the office in Dakar.

What do you like best in your job?

What I like best in my job is to be able to help students making their dreams come true.

It makes me proud to see them succeed their studies and a few years later, to bump into them and discover that they hold high responsibility positions, knowing that we have contributed to this.

Your top priorities for 2022?

  • Make our best so that students can reach France and start their studies on time despite of the current health context.
  • And keep on opening new chances and opportunities to the Senegalese youth


Why choosing FIGS Education?

I decided to join FIGS Education for two main reasons. First, the world of higher education represented a new and attractive experience for me. Second, if offered me the opportunity to form part of an international team, rich in people coming from many different places and cultures.


I once met a student that went through a complicated school career and who first seemed not to have the sufficient knowledge and skills in order to succeed in her further studies. During her admission interview, I was surprised to discover how motivated and full of energy she was. It then appeared to me that no matter the difficulties, she would fight and not give up to reach her goals.

I decided that she was a deserving student and I understood the true meaning of offering a second chance.


CONTACT Get in touch with the team in Dakar as of now



Tel: +221 77 168 72 72

Adress: Rond point Cité Keur Goorgui, AUCHAN building – 2nd floor