Why choose France for your study abroad project ?

Choosing France for your study abroad project

Choosing France means choosing a proven and recognized educational system, it means choosing a country with high cultural richness, it means adopting a way-of-life based on eating well and seizing the day, it means settling at the heart of Europe, close to all the main cities of the old continent.

These reasons to choose France, you probably already know them. You might even have seen them on school brochures, on the websites of agencies promoting the country.

But let us go a little further and present you other reasons to choose France for studying…


  1. France is a great place for entrepreneurship

It is a fact: the main economic trends of the global economy and their fast-paced evolutions are revolutionizing traditional salaried employment in favor of new forms of employment with a more flexible relationship with work. Launching a business becomes then an asset for success.

France is fully aware of this and offers since several years an environment very propitious to entrepreneurship. Incubators, business accelerators, funding programs, French Tech… if you wish to create your own job at the end of your studies, France will grant you access to many tools as well as a to a comprehensive ecosystem which will guide you through your project.


  1. The voice of France counts

According to the 2019 edition of Portland agency’s global ranking of countries with high soft power (The Soft Power 30 Index), France was ranked number one regarding its ability to convince on the international political stage, using non-coercive means such as diplomacy or culture.

Also grabbing first place in the countries counting the highest number of days of strike per year, with distant challengers, France and its population claim, they express themselves, they fight what seems unfair to them as for instance in the “yellow jackets” movement born at the end of 2018, fighting for more economic justice and buying power for all French people.

Choosing France is also discovering this committed state of mind, this ability to convince and defend one’s ideas.


  1. Francophonie or a high potential economic area

Yes, English is the international language and in fact, it is possible to study fully in English in France. But by choosing France as a living place, one also has to discover, learn or even master the French language, needed – if not in the studies themselves – in the daily life.

Even though the good command of French language is not a “must” in an international career, it can happen to be a true distinguishing skill, a major asset to work with French speaking territories, which represent quite a significant number. Quebec, Maghreb, a large part of sub-Saharan Africa, some Asian countries… French is the business language in many countries. There, the knowledge of the language is an advantage in order to understand the culture, the history, the markets, in order to build relationships.


  1. And lastly, France is a country with 4 seasons

With its temperate climate, its geography full of mountains, plains, seas and oceans, France allows to – without reaching extreme values testing our bodies and abilities – enjoy 4 seasons in their diversity and abundance.

To each season corresponds its activities, food, way of getting dressed… throughout the full year, the daily life evolves at the pace of nature and brings a continuous renewal. Curling up by a crackling fire, spending the day lying on the beach, toasting chestnuts gathered around trees on the woods are as many magical moments because they are ephemeral, only lasting one season which will return next year.

Beyond its landscapes and its historical and cultural heritage, France also offers this diversity of weather and seasons, an ideal environment to enjoy life and nature.