Looking for a specialised school?

Looking for a specialised school?

The school year is progressing and with it, the path to higher education. And orientation implies a choice, a first step towards a profession, a sector, a professional future.

Perhaps like you, a large number of future students feel a certain amount of anxiety at the time of making this choice, a little afraid that “choosing is giving up”, that opting for a field could be synonymous with compartmentalization.

The first choice that comes to mind is that of a generalist school, with sufficiently broad career opportunities to “give up” a minimum and keep the field of possibilities as wide as possible in order to postpone the choice of profession or sector until later.

And yet, another choice is possible: to start with a specialized school.

Following the example of our school IHEDREA, specialized in the agri-food industry, some courses can allow you at the same time to access a wide variety of professions at different levels of diploma, while already making the bold choice of a sector of activity.

Thus, you retain the freedom to choose a profession (as diverse as agricultural land expert or product manager), to choose a length of study (baccalaureate +3 or baccalaureate +5) while already giving your CV the color of a promising sector (the food industry), of a field that you are passionate about or interested in.

In short, you combine the freedom to choose later with a major asset that could make the difference when looking for a job: an in-depth knowledge of an industry.

With the disappearance of borders and the increased use of telecommuting, the competition for jobs open to young graduates is intensifying. Differentiation by sector of activity can therefore prove to be a major advantage when entering the job market.

In addition, specialized schools are naturally less numerous in their sector/field of action. They often enjoy a particular reputation within the professional environment for which they prepare students. Internships at the end of the studies and access to employment are therefore often made easier.

Another sector, another example with the SUP’DE COM school, far from limiting itself to one profession, the school offers a wide and constantly evolving range of employment possibilities: from the most technical and specialized in communication in agencies to the most generalist and linked to the strategy of organizations in the advertiser’s office. The school also offers different lengths of study with access to employment at the end of each cycle (bac+3 / bac+5). By choosing SUP’DE COM, you keep control of your choice of profession while guaranteeing a real label of expertise on your CV and thus, an easier professional integration.

Despite popular belief, specialized schools are a real option for those who dare to choose one at the beginning of their higher education.

If you have any questions about these schools, do not hesitate to contact your FIGS Education representative.