Play sports

Play sports ! It's back to school time.

It’s a way of intensively reactivating the brain muscle, of systematically recording lessons, of reviving the mechanisms of deduction, conceptualization, schematization and other “ion” words which, let’s face it, are much less used during the vacations!


The (re)start is not easy for all students or new students: getting back into the habit of waking up very early in the morning and, on the contrary, of having shorter evenings, sitting up and paying attention for many hours in a row, organizing the work schedule at home so as not to hand in homework late…

In short, the beginning of the school year is always a busy time, and for international students, it adds to the whirlwind of emotions linked to the trip, the separation, and the discovery of a new culture.

One of the keys to managing this emotional and cerebral load is certainly to accompany it by taking care of your body.

Mens sans in corpore sano : a healthy mind in a healthy body.

But when you are an international student, you don’t really know where to start and you procrastinate, putting off the task of “playing sports” until tomorrow!

What a shame to deprive yourself of this real “magic wand” to meet new people, to integrate and above all, to better resist the beginning of the school year.



So where to start?

In France, we love sports. On the podium in terms of number of members, we find in order: soccer, tennis, horse riding, basketball and judo. There are many clubs, associations and places to practice. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Give preference to associations

An association is the status that a sports club can take, whose sole purpose is to promote sports activity (and not to make profits from it). Joining an association often allows you to practice sports at a moderate price, in a warm and participative atmosphere. Be careful, the name of the club or school does not indicate its status: some may be private companies and others non-profit associations.

It is therefore important to ask for the membership fee, knowing that there are often advantageous prices for students.

To find associations, a simple search on the web will quickly inform you about the possibilities in your area. There are sites that list the clubs by location, such as There are also association forums organized at the beginning of the academic year by the city and district councils, which bring together all the associative possibilities in one place. Find out more on the website of the town hall near you.

2. Your campus, a source of opportunities ans sport partners

Why look far for what you can find close by? Within the campuses themselves, teeming with students who, like you, need to engage in sports activities, you will find either student offices / sports offices with clubs to join, or already formed groups practicing this or that sport who will be happy to welcome the missing player. Sometimes there are even sports classes offered specifically for students on campus itself (e.g., yoga, zumba, etc.).

If you are not presented with these options when you arrive, don’t hesitate to ask the student life officers on your campus about the options available to you.

Also, why not use the student bulletin board to say that you are looking for a croquet or curling team (second little secret, these are not the most popular sports in France)?

3. The free pratice

Who said that you had to join a club to practice sports? French cities are quite well equipped with indoor and outdoor sports facilities, accessible in summer as well as in winter. There’s nothing to stop you from putting on your sneakers for a jog or a workout in a park, from putting on a swimsuit to swim at your own pace in one of the city’s municipal pools, from accessing the free basketball, tennis or soccer courts in your neighborhood…

In short, you have no excuse to postpone the practice of a sport activity which, believe us, will help you a lot to face this new chapter of your life as an international student!


Happy back to school everyone.