Studying in France now or later: to each his own

Studying in France now or later: to each his own Preparatory courses for more accessible studies in France

Travelling, changing continents, discovering new horizons…

Although on paper, the “call of the sea” may be attractive, the reality is often a little different and the barriers to departure can be a major obstacle.


Studying abroad thus promises to enhance the attractiveness of one’s CV, in particular by demonstrating a genuine capacity for adaptation and cultural skills. It means developing autonomy, an international network, differentiating knowledge… In short, a fine set of assets to start your professional career.

However, it also necessarily means a significant financial investment, a move away from one’s family and loved ones, and a move without transition to total autonomy, sometimes as early as the age of 17.

And none of this is trivial or futile. For many future students, these obstacles are all barriers that when it comes to choosing a course of study will make them lean towards the “choice of reason”: local studies.

However, there is an alternative, a pathway that combines an international immersion experience and a recognised French diploma with the minimisation of the budgetary investment, the limitation of the time away from home and the possibility of gaining maturity before leaving.

The preparatory courses – classes – cycles allow learners to begin their studies in their home country but already acquiring the skills that will constitute their future French diploma. Within a class receiving the same teaching, according to the same requirements and pedagogical methods as in France, they participate for one to two years in a training programme designed to prepare them for their arrival in France for the graduation year.

FIGS Education schools already offer these formulas in many countries, available in the fields of management sciences, computer science and accounting.

For example, by joining the Prep Business School IDRAC in Togo, within the Mariam institution, a student can prepare the first two years of the Bachelor Marketing & Business of the French school in Togo and then finish his programme and obtain his diploma in France, on one of the 8 campuses offering the course.

Of course, by completing only one of the three years of the diploma in France, they will not have all the experiences of the programme in France (seminars, theme weeks, master classes, etc.) and will not have direct access to all the services available to learners on the French campuses (incubators, learning labs, etc.), but they will benefit from an attractive compromise: obtain a French diploma in France with an optimised budget and a shorter stay.

In short, different profiles correspond to different paths.

There is no royal or secondary route, only combinations that will allow each person to find what suits them and above all to build their “professional baggage” to ensure lasting, quality employability.

FIGS Education schools have set up courses to meet all requirements. So don’t hesitate to push the door open, ask questions, and don’t stop at the first obstacles you encounter: you will certainly discover a study option that is made for you!

Welcome to our schools!