Where Can I Study ?

With 25 000 students, France International Graduate Schools confirms its position among the top renowned higher education groups in France.

Based in 10 French cities, FIGS combines both beautiful locations to study with academic excellence. With decades of experience, our private university Group offer students with a range of degrees with a professional twist giving them a head start in today’s increasingly competitive work force.

To support student success, our Group has located its campuses in regions which are dynamic both in terms of availability of employment and local life. We offer students a pleasant working environment and a wealth of personal and cultural experiences in 10 major French cities.

Located in several regions, the campuses boast high-quality facilities and promote interaction between students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, thus fostering greater openness and more social opportunities.

Each campus boasts top-class facilities available to students.

Choosing a city in which to study is a strategic decision; all these cities attract students from every discipline and country.