• Grenoble

    Grenoble has one of the prettiest backdrops of any city in France. Nestled in the Isère Valley and surrounded by exceptional mountain peaks of the French Alps, Grenoble offers a breath of fresh air. Beautiful gardens and green spaces are found throughout this industrial town, revealing a true appreciation of the outdoors.

    Begin exploring the town in the Vieille Ville, the charming historic center filled with cobblestone streets and picturesque squares. Then decide which of the many top-rated museums to visit. Grenoble’s impressive number of museums speaks to the rich heritage of this city-formerly the capital of the historic Dauphiné region. The Musée de Grenoble boasts one of best collections of fine arts in France; other museums are devoted to archaeology, history, and local culture. After discovering the urban tourist attractions, explore the nearby regional nature parks to get lost in the flowering meadows and densely wooded pine forests.


    The campus is ideally located nearby the University of Grenoble. Access is very easy: 3 minutes from the Gières train station and and 20 minutes from the city center.

    The campus benefits from light architecture and innovative equipment adapted to teaching requirements based on personal development, it includes:

    • Training and examination facilities
    • Classrooms equipped with video projectors
    • The library has numerous works, newspapers, professional data bases, theses, studies…
    • Free high speed Internet terminals and WiFi
    • Large car park