• Nantes

    Nantes is situated 30 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, on the Loire estuary. The city is a perfect gateway to the Brittany and the Loire Valley. Nantes is situated at the mouth of the Loire, the longest French river known for his gorgeous Chateaux de la Loire. This region is not far from Brittany and the biggest European beaches. Vibrant city open to the world it is a perfect match for nature, history, and culture lover.

    The city is known as the city of the unexpected, beautiful landscape and extraordinary gastronomy will make you enjoy every minute of your stay.


    The future campus of Nantes will be based in the new quartier of Ile de Nantes, futur cultural and economic suburb. Currently based in 3 different campuses, our schools are 20 minutes away by tram from the city. This new campus will be closer to the city center (only 2 stops away from the heart of Nantes) and will provide students with amazing facilities.

    A source of opportunities and encounters, the campus benefits from light and airy architecture adapted to teaching requirements based on personal development, it includes:

    • 4000 m² of training and examination facilities
    • Classrooms equipped with video projectors
    • Incubators
    • Learning Labs
    • Co-working spaces
    • Restaurants
    • Student lounge