Before beginning your search, it is important to decide on the type of housing your are looking for. Your financial resources, the length of your stay, and the nature of your program will shape that decision.


Housing is relatively expensive in France, but international students, like French students, enjoy the benefit of housing assistance.


Searching for housing from outside the country can be difficult. You won’t be able to visit properties and make fully informed decisions. It may also be difficult, from a distance, to persuade a property owner to let you sign a rental contract or convince him that you have someone who will guarantee payment of your rent.

For these reasons, many international students choose to find temporary housing for their first few weeks in France. They use that time to look for a more permanent arrangement.

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Students have a large choice of options to stay in France including individual renting, flat sharing, subletting: all three of these options have something in common: the obligation to establish a lease with a private owner.

Other housing opportunities may fit students including public and private university residences, homestay and intergenerational housing.

Generally located nearby the campus, private students’ residences feature furnished rooms and studios, generally well-equipped. Private buildings designed for students are found in most large cities.


Most have been built in recent years to compensate for the shortage of university housing. Rents range from €600 to €700 per month in Paris and from €350 to €550 elsewhere.

We have specific partnerships in place to offer quality accommodation for foreign students in the homes of carefully-selected French families. This housing option is popular among students studying French from a month to a semester. It allows a student to share the everyday life of a family and provides an introduction to French culture and language, a great way to begin a study trip in France.

Homestays allow students to make considerable progress in French as well as adapt to and understand the French culture and way of life. Homestays are also the only way to meet French people and better understand the country.

Furthermore, students are freed from all the material constraints they would have if they chose to look for accommodation on their own.

We also offer multiple short term accomodation options, please contact us directly by email for more information.






    Livin France is a platform for international students that helps them to organize their arrival in France.

    You will find many tips, tutorials, and links for all the steps you need to complete upon arrival.

    On this platform, you will be able to:

    • Search for accommodation that does not require a guarantor and book it online
    • Open a bank account
    • Purchase home and health insurance
    • Start your Social Security registration
    • Complete all administrative procedures (visa, etc.)

    Free registration in 5 minutes and help online to assist you in all your steps. Several languages spoken.


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    My Studapart is a platform dedicated to student accommodation.

    You can find different type of accommodation (apartments, flats, and students’ residences) close to our campuses.

    The site is available in French, English and Chinese and offers technical assistance 6 days a week.

    Ads are verified, payment is secure, and you have the possibility to make virtual visits online.
    All international students are eligible for the Studapart’s guarantee (which replaces a guarantor / security deposit) for the entire duration of their stay, with the online insurance “Allianz” (uploading a valid ID and the proof of admission to the school)

    The site also offers the possibility to purchase a home insurance online



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    Club Etudiant is a network of students’ residences present throughout France in direct proximity to our campuses. Our partner offers preferential rates as well as a simplified rental solutions with Garantme.
    Garantme is an insurance service that enables our international students who do not have guarantors in France to rent an apartment easily.

    Club Etudiant residences include:

    • A bathroom: sink, toilet, shower
    • A main room equipped: bed, table, chairs
    • An equipped kitchen: sink, two hotplates, refrigerator
    • WIFI

    Assistance to receive Housing assistance (A.P.L).

    Short or long stays rentals.