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FIGS, member of C&D network

FIGS, member of C&D network

The Compétences et Développement network is a network of schools and training centres with over 30 campuses in France and abroad.

A unique educational model to support success

Réseau Compétences & Développement is a network of schools with over 30 campuses based in France and abroad.

Its 14 higher education schools offer programs from Bac to Bac+5, preparing students for a wide range of careers in a variety of specialisations: responsible management, IT computing, interior architecture, business development, commerce and marketing, tourism, environmental technologies, management and entrepreneurship, accounting and corporate finance, agri and agro business, international relations and political science, communication, technology and digital expertise.

With more than 16,000 students, the Réseau Compétences et Développement is one of the leaders in private higher education in France.

Its mission is to train professionals who are operational, autonomous, sensitive to innovation and entrepreneurship, and open to international opportunities. We select our students not only on the basis of their academic results, but also on the basis of their achievements, their potential, their values and their life path. This method of selection, to which we are very attached, enables us to integrate a wide range of talent into our schools.

While our selection process is extremely popular with young people who do not want to be selected solely on the basis of marks, it is certainly our teaching methods that attract the most learners to our schools.

Our pedagogy

Every day, all our schools and training centres apply our own approach of providing support and encouragement, with the aim of encouraging the personal and professional development of each student.

In addition to encouragement and support, our schools' teaching methods include :

  • A wide open vision of the business world, professionalisation and employability,
  • Offering a variety of tailor-made courses,
  • Systematically awarding double diplomas to students,
  • Encouraging international mobility and the use of foreign languages,
  •  Opening up to the world by welcoming foreign students,
  • Teaching behavioural skills: people skills,
  • Experiences and adventures with fewer classroom lessons,
  • Inclusive campuses, where diversity is a wonderful opportunity to open up to the world and learn from others,
  • ’Outstanding’ speakers and ‘models role’, able to pass on not only skills but also life experiences,
  • Access to art and culture on all our campuses,
  • Sport practicing: essential for balance and health.

The aim of the Réseau Compétences et Développement is to help flourish, happy and well-balanced young people who will be able to play an enlightened role in tomorrow's world, a world that we want to be more inclusive and more supportive.

To achieve this, all our schools' staff and support workers do a remarkable job with young people. Day after day, they devote their energy and passion to :

  • Encourage,
  • Support,
  • Donner show companies and society as a whole their many talents,
  • Leur help them express their potential,
  • En develop people who have the self-confidence to dare to realise their dreams.

These same ambitions extend to jobseekers and employees on continuing education courses. The personalised training programmes we offer provide our customers with a valuable opportunity for professional retraining and skills development, enabling them to adapt to changes in their professions and improve their employability.