OUR OFFICE IN TUNISIA Sana’s professional background

I have been a teacher at university during 17 years where I could teach, support and guide several generations of students.

During those years, I notably held the position of Director of the Business academic department and Director of Studies at the Business & Law university center.

What do you like best in your job?

What I like best in my job in that the impact of our daily action, our daily involvement is measurable. This provides us with a lot of strength.

Your top priorities for 2022?

  • Individualize as much as possible the guidance provided to each young student, not only at level of schools and programs but also at level of pre-consular steps
  • Developing more partnerships with education institutions at international level


Why choosing FIGS Education?

I chose to join FIGS Education because it enables me to keep working on my vocation, but in a different way. Indeed, each encounter is an adventure, a challenge and a discovery.


It sometimes happens that a parent is not fully satisfied with his/her child’s choice as campus or as training pathway. It those case, I have to act as an intermediary between them.

Recently, a student wanted to study in Paris while his father was not in favor of this decision thinking that Paris is a too expensive and crowed city for undertaking studies serenely. The discussion between the three of us was quite funny because at that moment, I had the feeling of act as some kind of psychologist, facilitating the dialogue between 2 family members.


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