Jassvinder is talking about his experience in France !


My name is Jassvinder Singh and I am from Haryana, India. I have done my Senior Secondary Examination in 2013, in HBSE (Haryana Bold Secondary Education), whereby I studied English, Hindi, History, and Punjabi amongst others.

I joined CEFAM in 2016 for a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA).


Why did you choose France to pursue your studies?

I wanted to do my studies abroad because in India studies are mostly theorical and I was looking forward for a thorough program that also focuses on the practical side.

I have chosen France as I found that it has many international and Anglo-Saxon schools. I opted for CEFAM as final choice because later on, I want to go to the USA to pursue my studies.

How did you get your visa in India?

After choosing the school, I applied directly via its website. Then, I did an interview by a FIGS representative and some days later I got my enrollment letter.

Then, I collected all the required documents (Enrollment letter from the school in France, my financial means…) and I went to the Embassy where there was a second interview.

Two weeks later, I got the good news that my VISA was delivered.

How was it on your arrival in France?

At the very beginning, it was very hard. I had some problems regarding my accommodation and I knew nobody here in France. The fact that I did not know any French did not help at all.

However, when I started to attend school, I met incredible friends who helped me to adapt here and also, Maxime from FIGS has been very helpful for my finding of an apartment. I seize this opportunity, to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to them.


How was life as a student in France?

Life is very good on the campus. We have the chance of having a very adequate building that provides a conducive environment for students to succeed: a well-equipped computer room, several studying corners with a very peaceful atmosphere, a regularly updated ‘infotheque’ and modern classrooms which are equipped with projectors.

Moreover, the other students are very cooperative and they are always ready to help. Though I found the courses tough at the beginning, my amazing teachers helped me to do my best.


Would you encourage foreign students to study here?

Of course I would recommend them, especially if they want studies of quality and aspire to give a global scope to their career.

Moreover, Lyon is a lovely city for students. It has several accommodation facilities for students and a very good transport system.