The beginning was difficult: everything was different !





Hello Elu KRIZA, can you please introduce yourself?


I’m Elu GBOBIA KRIZA. In 2006 I got a Baccalaureate with a major in Mathematics and Life and Earth Sciences. The following year, I joined the national university of my home country (Ivory Coast). Following the deep crisis the country has experienced, I got my ‘Master in Economics’ in 2013 – 2 years later than expected because all universities were closed during the crisis. 


Tehn, I decided to come in France at IDRAC BUSINESS SCHOOL (Promotion 2014-2016, BAC + 4/5) and I graduated in November 2016.


 What motivated you to pursue your studies abroad and why did you choose the France?



First of all, the socio-political situation in Ivory Coast foreshadowed an uncertain future for students in the country.


Secondly, the labor market had become very competitive, and students who had studied abroad (France, United States) were more privileged in the country.


Finally, I wanted to gain a strong experience to be able to set up my own business and be independent in 10 years.


I chose France because we have a lot in common in term of culture: particularly the French language.



How did you get your visa?


Candidates need to pass an interview at ‘Campus France’ where they have to provide their admission and registration letters from the school in France. They have to provide their TAGE-MAGE score also and once all documents are provided, the candidate may apply for the VISA at the French Embassy.



Tell us about your integration in France.


The beginning was difficult. Everything was different: the way of living, social life and especially the climate change; the winter season which was unbearable. In addition, it was quite hard to adapt to a new diction.


However, I had my goal clear and I had wonderful friends who helped me. I seize the occasion to say on once again thank you to my friends and especially to Elodie RICOU, Kemal SARISKAN, Wafia MERZOUG and Aminata M’BENGUE.



How did you find the life and courses on campus?


Life on campus was perfect. It provides a nice frame with several studying corners, a modern info center and a computer room for study and research.


Overall I would say that everything was perfect, as I was able to achieve my objective.